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Data & Sequences

12X.2 version of the grapevine reference genome sequence from The French-Italian Public Consortium (PN40024)
The sequence of the contigs and scaffolds are unchanged compared to the 12X.0 version. The chromosome assembly has been improved and is published in a data paper:12X.2 Assembly and its structural ...
  • A dataset, comprising 10207 SNPs for 783 grape cultivars and without missing data, is made available here in support of the paper : Laucou V, Launay A, Bacilieri R, Lacombe T, Adam-Blondon AF, Bérard A, Brunel D, Chauveau A, Ibañez J, Le Paslier ...
  • BES_Cabernet-Sauvignon.fasta (77237 sequences) : BAC library has been constructed from cultivar Cabernet-Sauvignon using two different restriction enzymes : HindIII (clone prefix : VCS1H) and EcoRI (clone prefix : VCS1E).
  • BES_PN40024.fasta ...

Creation date: 28 Sep 2012