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Confidentiality agreement for Botrytis and Sclerotinia genome projects.


Our goal is to foster full and open discussions on the analysis of Botrytis genome. Manuscripts with analyses using T4 Botrytis cinerea genomic data should acknowledge the Botrytis genome project with its web site adress. A copy is welcome to be sent to the Botrytis genome project (Marc-Henri.Lebrun[[AT]], joelle.amselem[[AT]] to keep an update of users references on the web site.

Consortium Scientific committee:

  • Joelle Amselem, FR
  • RossBeever, NZ
  • Christophe Bruel, FR
  • Christina Cuomo, USA
  • Maria Davis, USA
  • Martin Dickman, USA
  • Dan Ebbole, USA
  • Ygal Elad, IL
  • Sabine Fillinger, FR
  • Ulrich Gueldener, GER
  • Matthias Hahn, GER
  • Walid Hamada, TUN
  • Linda Kohn, CA
  • Caroline Kunz, FR
  • Marc-Henri Lebrun, FR
  • Amnon Lichter, IL
  • Kim Plummer, AU
  • Hadi Quesneville, FR
  • Jeff Rollins, USA
  • Paul Tudzynski, GER
  • Inmaculada Vallejo, ES
  • Jan van Kan, NL
  • Muriel Viaud, FR
  • Patrick Wincker, FR
  • Oded Yarden, IL


Creation date: 06 Apr 2010