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In the frame of the PLANT-KBBE2008 " GrapeReSeq " project, an high throughput genotyping Illumina Infinium chip (20K) has been developed.

GrapeReSeq Consortium FAQ (Illumina)


A dataset obtained from the genotyping of a Vitis vinifera cultivated pool (using the SNPs of the 20k chip): see here


Development of a cluster file

A cluster file has been developed from the genotyping of 2278 individuals, 1450 from the Vitis vinifera species and 828 from different Vitis species or interspecific hybrids.


  • The current cluster file with all the SNP. The SNP that we found failed are flagged "AUX=2" in the SNP table provided above (GrapeReSeq_SNP_Table_all_180413.xlsx). The SNP with problematic clusters may give acceptable results in specific populations. They are flagged "AUX=3 to 9" in the SNP table.


Development of the 20K loci submitted to Illumina

  • GrapeReSeq_Illumina_20K_SNP_chip ( IGA and URGI) : 15K SNPs from Vitis vinifera genotypes and 5K SNPs from Vitis species.




  • GrapeReSeq_Illumina_20K_SNP_chip_readme




  • Statistics on Vitis vinifera sequences (IGA and URGI)




  • Equidistant selected SNPs for Vitis genotypes (URGI)




  • Quality control process and cleaning (EPGV INRA; CEA/ IG-CNG)




  • Technical Note to designing and ordering iSelect Genotyping Assays (Illumina)


Update: 25 Jan 2018
Creation date: 26 Oct 2012