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URGI and Genoplante

Génoplante-Info (GPi) was created in early 2000 as a Génoplante bioinformatics resource center. Génoplante-Info is now part of the Unité de Recherche Génomique-Info (URGI ) of the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA).

The aim of GPI was from 2000 to 2008, to integrate all the data and results produced by the Génoplante scientific projects. These data include EST, FST and BAC sequences, genetic and genomic maps, gene and QTL mapping, SNP, transcriptomics and proteomics .

We developed and we propose data submission templates and an automatic data checker and loader to submit and load the data in our information system. See. Data for submission protocol documentation.


URGI contact: Delphine Steinbach

We built and we maintain for that a bioinformatics environment and an information system GnpIS for accessing these data through intuitive interfaces and analysing them.

We also offer access to the software tools developed by the Génoplante teams.

Génoplante-Info progressively releases the data generated by the Génoplante programs in the public domain . This site is regularly updated with new releases.

A restricted area is also available for Genoplante partners to access to full data and softwares (, send an email to register at urgi-support.

Since 2007, URGI bioinformatics platform has always for mission to be the central repository of Genoplante data for data produced in the frame of Genoplante projects from 2000 to 2005 , but since 2005 and Genoplante phase III, URGI platform focussed its efforts in the integration of data in which the platform is involved itself in the frame of projects or in the frame of projects that are guided by its research activities, or in projects that are important for its collaborators (Grapevine, Wheat, Arabidopsis, Fungi, Trees, Pea, Rape, Apple.., Transposable Elements), of its INRA departement or in the frame of consortium.

New ANR calls appears in 2011 in the frame of Investment for the future project (Bioressources and infrastructure projects (IFB, PHENOME). A new GIS was created called GIS Biotechnologie verte replacing GIS Genoplante. New projects were indeed labelled by this GIS where URGI is now in partnership (ANR GnpAsso, Breedwheat, Amaizing.). Work is indeed continuing in this frame since 2011. See projects page for more details on these new projects and results et see Tools : GnpIS to have more information on new developments made on the information system.

For more information please contact : Delphine Steinbach

Update: 16 Jan 2014
Creation date: 01 Apr 2010