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URGI organizes training sessions for biologists and computer scientists on:

  • URGI in-house tools (analysis tools, databases)
  • Tools and methods externally developed
  • The use of the cluster of URGI bioinformatics platforms in relation with its call for projects. 

To register, ask for details or propose new training sessions, please contact us .  

04 Feb 2019 Manual curation of Transposable element annotation
URGI organizes a BYOD-­style (Bring Your Own Data) training course on manual curation of transposable elements reference sequences obtained with REPET pipelines.-->
11 Jun 2018 Training on annotation of transposable elements
Detection and annotation of transposable elements in eukaryote genomeThe objectives of this training are:1. To acquire knowledge on ...
18 May 2018 Training (webinar) on PeaMUST phenotyping data
URGI organizes a webinar on how to browse PeaMUST phenotyping data in GnpIS.Date: 2018, May 18th (2 PM - 4:00 PM CEST).Location: WebinarTrainers: URGI ...
19 Apr 2018 Training on GnpIS for BreedWheat GWAS data
URGI organizes a webinar on how to browse BreedWheat association genetics data in GnpIS.Date: 2018, Apr 18th (2 PM - 3:30 PM CEST).Location: WebinarTrainers: ...
05 Mar 2018 Training - genetic resources: data standards and OLGA
The Tropical Plant BRC and URGI organize a training on data standards relevant to genetic resources management and characterization and on the use of ...
Update: 12 Jun 2018
Creation date: 23 Jun 2010