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How to cite

Follow these guidelines when using PlantBioinfoPF applications (e.g. GnpIS, Blast, REPET, JBrowse), infrastructure (VRE) or data for any research work published in a journal or on the internet.


Plant Bioinformatics facility


  • Use the platform name : Plant Bioinformatics facility / PlantBioinfoPF


  • Use the platform DOI:


  • Our affiliation: "Université Paris-Saclay, INRAE, URGI, 78026, Versailles, France"


  • When the agent belongs to the platform, please also add this second affiliation : "Université Paris-Saclay, INRAE, BioinfOmics, Plant bioinformatics facility, 78026, Versailles, France"


Please acknowledge the platform, even if we are affiliate to the project using the following sentence:


"This work was performed with the facilities of the Plant Bioinformatics Facility / PlantBioinfoPF ("

Update: 04 Aug 2023
Creation date: 12 Jan 2022