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The PASTEClassifier (Pseudo Agent System for Transposable Elements Classification) is a transposable element (TE) classifier searching for structural features and similarity to classify TEs (Hoede C. et al. 2014). It browses the whole spectrum of ...

Synteny is gene's order conservation between differents species.Developed by URGI team for J. Salse (INRA Clermont-Ferrand).Publications:
  •  Wheat syntenome unveils new evidences of contrasted evolutionary plasticity between paleo- and neoduplicated subgenomes.
Pont, Caroline; Murat, Florent; Guizard, Sebastien; Flores, Raphael; Foucrier, ...

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Prediction: distinguish between mitochondrial and plastid targeting sequences

Update: 02 Dec 2011
Creation date: 31 May 2011