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31 news for this year

All news about tools, banks, data, .... .

21 Nov 2014 2A physical map is now available
2AS and 2AL physical maps are now available for IWGSC partners.
22 Oct 2014 Wheat3BMine is now available
Wheat3BMine, a data warehouse dedicated to wheat chromosome 3B is now available. It's linked to 3B Annotation browser and GnpIS.
11 Oct 2014 GnpIS version 14.2 availability
GnpIS version 14.2 is available. Major new functionalities include:
  • Sequence Polymorphisms:Genotyping : The new form allows querying high throughput genotyping data. Searching criteria ...
02 Oct 2014 RNASeq fv2 Gene atlas (AmaiZing project)
RNASeq (fv2 Gene atlas) from AmaiZing project, meta-data and files are now available to query in GnpIS, sequence module. Access is restricted to ...
02 Oct 2014 Jbrowse maize (AmaiZing project)
Jbrowse maize (AmaiZing project)  with public gene annotations, private SNP data from ANR CNV maize project and from AmaiZing RNASeq data (fv2 genotype ...
02 Sep 2014 GBrowse Wheat Survey Sequence Annotation is available
The GBrowse Wheat Survey Sequence Annotation (Markers, SNPs, Gene Models) is now available

Creation date: 24 Feb 2015