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Acyrthosiphon pisum

We annotated transposable elements in Acyrthosiphon pisum (pea aphid) in the frame of the International Aphid Genomic Consortium (IAGC).

The results are published in the genome paper on the first assembly release (PLoS Biology, 2010).

  • TE reference sequences have been obtained with the TEdenovo pipeline from the REPET package and curated by the "transposable element annotation group":

Hadi Quesneville (Chair, URGI France), Emmanuelle Permal (URGI France), Andrés Moya (Universitat de València, València, Spain), Carlos Llorens (Universitat de València, València, Spain), Ricardo Futami (Universitat de València, València, Spain), Alex C. C. Wilson (University of Miami, Florida, United States of America), Dale Hedges (Miami Institute for Human Genomics, Florida, United States of America). 3.33 MB
  • TE genome annotations (GFF3) have been obtained with the TEannot pipeline from the REPET package

Other genome data can be accessed on AphidBase web site.

Update: 05 Jul 2010
Creation date: 30 Jun 2010