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The annotation of malus genome (Malus x domestica species) realised by "UMR 1259 Génétique et Horticulture" in INRA d'Angers-Nantes, is integrated in GnpGenome. This data contains:
  • 17 Chromosomes
  • 31725 Contigs mapped on chromosome
  • 43329 genes
  • 201465 exons
Access to Genome Browser (restricted ...
All information available on Wheat@URGI website.
Genome resources
  • access to genome sequences and annotations : Genome Browser and Apollo.
  • Download the grapevine genomes sequences (chromosome, scaffolds, contigs).
Assembly summary 12X assembly
  • Contigs : ...
The annotations of the TAIR (Version 10) Arabidopsis thaliana genome, is integrated by URGI.This annotations contains:
  • TAIR10 annotations
  • TE annotations
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Ascomycete Botrytis cinerea (asexual stage of the teleomorph Botryotinia fuckeliana) is a necrotrophic fungus that causes grey mould disease on a very broad host range (more than 200 plant species) and inflicts serious crop losses worldwide.Known as polyphageous, B. cinerea is actually a species ...
Leptosphaeria maculans 'brassicae' (Lmb) is the ascomycete fungus that causes "stem canker" (also termed "Blackleg") on oilseed rape, Brassica napus, and numerous other crucifers (Rouxel et al. 2011). It is representative of an important genus of fungal phytopathogens, the Dothideomycetes, of which six ...
Update: 22 Jun 2010
Creation date: 04 Jun 2010