About ViroBLAST

To cite the use of the BLAST on wheat data, please quote the following paper:
Alaux et al., Linking the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium bread wheat reference genome sequence to wheat genetic and phenomic data, Genome Biology 2018, https://doi.org/10.1186/s13059-018-1491-4

ViroBLAST in Dr. Mullins Lab at University of Washington was established to provide sequence comparison and contamination checking on viral research. It is readily useful for all research areas that require BLAST functions and is available as a downloadable archive for independent installation. ViroBLAST implements the NCBI C++ Toolkit BLAST command line applications referred as the BLAST+ applications.

With the common features of other BLAST tools, the ViroBLAST provides features like:

  1. Blast multiple query sequences at a time via copy-paste sequences or upload sequence fasta file.
  2. Provide email option to receive the result via email.
  3. Blast against user's own sequence data set besides the public databases on ViroBLAST.
  4. Blast against multiple sequence databases simultaneously.
  5. Summarize results via tabular output and allows further analysis.
  6. Download sequences in databases that match user's query sequences.

ViroBLAST article:

Deng W, Nickle DC, Learn GH, Maust B, and Mullins JI. 2007. ViroBLAST: A stand-alone BLAST web server for flexible queries of multiple databases and user's datasets. Bioinformatics 23(17):2334-2336.