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BioMercator V4

BioMercator V4
  • Version: 4.0
  • Editor: UMR de Génétique Végétale du Moulon
  • Access: free acces url  private acces url

BioMercator V4

New compact graphical representations have been developed (1) a chromosome cascading zoom allows the user to enlarge a region of chromosome as deep as he needs, while keeping an overview of the whole chromosome map. (2) A new compact QTL track summarizing QTL data along the chromosomes has been developed. (3) For whole map representation, each chromosome can be enlarged independently at the userconvenience in order to focus on regions of interest. (4) Genome sequencing consortium usually deliver gene annotation and genetic/physical anchor loci. These data can be loaded in BioMercator V4. QTL and metaQTL can be projected onto the genome and it is then easy to search for genes included in confidence intervals. In addition BioMercator V4 can display and export the functional annotation of the corresponding genes. (5) BioMercator V4 can export maps and meta-analysis results in a format compliant for submission to the URGI database (GnpIS).

Available on UMR de Génétique Végétale du Moulon

UserGuideBioMercatorV4.pdf (3.10 MB)

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genetic map, physical map, mapping, meta-analysis, QTL

Update: 29 Jul 2015
Creation date: 22 Jun 2012