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User support

URGI assists biologists in their bioinformatics needs by offering them training, tools and personalized support.

To use the URGI platform , please register to get an URGI Account.

Fields of expertise

  •  Genomic and genetic data integration
  •  Genome sequence analysis
  •  Annotation
  •  Bioanalysis
  •  Database design
  •  Software and pipeline design

For ambitious projects, where data management and bioanalysis are needed URGI can be involved as a partner to answer a grant proposal.

URGI Account

Being a registered user allow you to use URGI services, such as:

  • ssh and file transfert to our servers (we need to know your IP address)
  • a home on saruman, the HPC cluster
  • a project directory, restricted to project members
  • registered software such as SRS or Apollo
  • registered data
  • registered web pages
  • registered databanks
  • a space on the document management system Alfresco
  • our helpdesk "URGI Support"
  • the mailing list "URGI users"

To register as an URGI user, you must be involved in a research project with URGI.

All active URGI projects are listed in the Register page. We can help you to choose the project or to create a new project, a new partnership. Please contact us for any question .

Update: 10 Jan 2014
Creation date: 01 Dec 2009