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Since 2006, URGI develops a Quality Management System (QMS) to continuously improve its activities, improve results reliability and traceability, increase user satisfaction and reinforce confidence for potential new projects in partnership.

The URGI QMS has been certified ISO 9001:2008 in October 2012 by the LRQA certifier organization.This certification ended the 14th, september. We now prepare the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The Quality Manual describes our Quality management system which is summarized herebelow.


URGI has established a quality control process to meet the requirements and specificities of
a research unit hosting a bioinformatics platform. As part of its activities, the management team is
committed to ensure competences and availability of personnel and equipments. The staff is
committed to satisfy its users and to continuously improve their satisfaction. Each member is
engaged in the quality process to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To improve the control of Unit processes
  2. To improve the quality of offered services
    • To provide robust software and databases
    • To provide robust computer resources
    • To provide up to date consistent data
  3. To manage bioinformatics for large collaborative projects
  4. To improve user support
  5. To improve staff skills
  6. To improve the national and international visibility




The whole Unit is certified, including research activities and platform services. We have identified 4 processes for our activities. Here is this list, with the goal of each process.

Sterring process

  • MGT Manage Unit : ensure efficient management of the Unit, the Quality management system, Human resources and Financial resources

Realization processes

  • ANAGEN Analyse genomes : ensure an efficient management of the "Genome analysis" team activity
  • IS Develop an Information System : ensure an efficient management of the "Information system and Data integration" team activity
  • PF Provide Platform services:  ensure an efficient management of the bioinformatics platform
Update: 14 Sep 2018
Creation date: 08 Feb 2013