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International,  COM (communication) 19 Oct 2021   [hal-03254504] ELIXIR Plant sciences 2020-2023 Roadmap

The Plant Sciences Community is an interdisciplinary group of researchers with diverse backgrounds from computer science to different fields of plant biology. We answer the needs of both bioinformaticians and plant biologists. The Community objective is to develop an infrastructure supporting the integration and linking of phenotypic, genotypic, *omics (e.g. expression, metabolomic, ...) and bibliographic data. The underlying scientific use cases encompass genetics and genomics approaches in plant sciences with an extension of the scope towards system biology. The community aims at promoting tools, databases, standards and best practices for plant research. The present document describe the Plant Community activites in the frame of the ELIXIR Scientific Programme 2019-2023 (

Update: 12 Jan 2022
Creation date: 30 Jun 2021