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Examples: AJ404845, 1000150, CFA2262, CFD64, GDM93, WMC7, WMS389.
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Gene model: mRNA
Bristol SNPs markers
CFE markers
DArT gbs markers
DArT public markers
DArT ver3 markers
NFS EST markers
Cfa primers
Cfd primers
gdm primers
wmc primers
Wms primers
90K assay SNPs
DArT marker 4A
Bradi genes from GenomeZipper
Os genes from GenomeZipper
Sb genes from GenomeZipper
Physical contig
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Gene model: mRNA   
- Markers
90K assay SNPs CFE markers gdm primers
barc DArT gbs markers NFS EST markers
Bristol SNPs markers DArT marker 4A west
Cfa primers DArT public markers wmc primers
Cfd primers DArT ver3 markers Wms primers
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Bradi genes from GenomeZipper Physical contig  
Os genes from GenomeZipper Sb genes from GenomeZipper  

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