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Examples: GRMZM2G054224, chr02:2,810,000..2,849,999, umc2261, PQL_dry/irrigated_S0408r_-protein_LRD-F6-PDL_CIM1, chr01:77,145,963..77,146,563, mu-illumina_237184.3, mu1001260.
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Release 5b.60
Assembly Version AGPv2
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Ac/Ds [Brutnell and Vollbrecht, via PlantGDB]
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FGS Gene WGS Gene WGS transcript
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Ac/Ds [Brutnell and Vollbrecht, via PlantGDB] Heritable Mu Insertions [from the Mu-Illumina Group] UniformMu (Release 4.6) [from the UniformMu Group]
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LTR repeat MIPS repeat MTEC repeat
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