Gene : TraesCS5A01G051500 T. aestivum

DB identifier  ? TraesCS5A01G051500 Is Repr  1
Score  62.0 Score Type  IWGSCv1.0_UTR
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1 Organism

Name Taxon Id
Triticum aestivum 4565


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8 Gos

Identifier Description
GO:0003677 MF: DNA binding
GO:0005634 CC: nucleus
GO:0004003 MF: ATP-dependent DNA helicase activity
GO:0003684 MF: damaged DNA binding
GO:0000723 BP: telomere maintenance
GO:0006303 BP: double-strand break repair via nonhomologous end joining
GO:0042162 MF: telomeric DNA binding
GO:0043564 CC: Ku70:Ku80 complex

8 Interpros

Identifier Description
IPR003034 SAP domain
IPR002035 von Willebrand factor, type A
IPR005160 Ku70/Ku80 C-terminal arm
IPR005161 Ku70/Ku80, N-terminal alpha/beta
IPR006164 Ku70/Ku80 beta-barrel domain
IPR016194 SPOC-like, C-terminal domain
IPR006165 Ku70
IPR027388 Ku70, bridge and pillars domain

4 Pfams

Identifier Description
PF02037 SAP domain
PF03731 Ku70/Ku80 N-terminal alpha/beta domain
PF02735 Ku70/Ku80 beta-barrel domain
PF03730 Ku70/Ku80 C-terminal arm