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VNAT is an information system for the study of the natural variation of Arabidopsis thaliana. It gives you access to
  • passport data including climatological and geographical information of ecotype origin
  • collection (core-collection, RILs populations)
  • characterization data.
You may also directly order seeds to ...

VarScan is a platform-independent, technology-independent software tool for identifying SNPs and indels in massively parallel sequencing of individual and pooled samples. Given data for a single sample, VarScan identifies and filters germline variants based on read counts, base quality, and allele frequencyh. Given data ...

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Velvet is a de novo genomic assembler specially designed for short read sequencing technologies.

Vitis sequences and polymorphisms management tool.Interface: PHPDatabase: MySQL

Update: 02 Dec 2011
Creation date: 31 May 2011